There are many stories about Moe and Furf that have combined to create the legend. Some are rumors and some are fact. This page has been created for fans and friends to set the record straight and tell their recollections of events in Moe & Furf's past adventures. If you have any additional stories email them to and they will be added to the collection here..


In the summer of 1997 when I was 17, we were playing baseball for Butch, of course.  We had a big tournament in Springdale and of course Moe and Furf were there.  The whole team was away from their parents for three days. Just to name a few players that were there (Dustin Brown, Wes McKinney, Roger Hill, Nick Canant, John Tindell, Josh Dewese, JR Cook, Joe Stoute, and a few players from out of town).  So we all got to experience this tremendous event.

He arrived in Springdale early Friday morning and the first thing Butch said was no liquor in our rooms.  So we went and played a few games and dominated like usual and we wanted to party and relax.  So we went and found Moe and Furf and tried to con them into buying us some beer.  Well that didn't work. So then we decided to bribe them.  We told them we would go out and find them some girls.  Needless to say that worked.  We drove Furf to the store and came back with several cases of beer and whisky.

So the next day we went back and played a few more games and won them of course and came back to the hotel and noticed a group of large guys walking in.  Well come to find out they were there for a hockey tournament.  Well that night we were all swimming as a team and Butch came down and seen his daughter (Lauren) swimming with us.  Well Butch didn't like that much so he sent us to our rooms and told us not to go back out.  We all decided to congregate in one room to party.  Keep in mind the next day was the championship.  So at about midnight or so we heard some music down by the pool.  And there was the hockey players and Moe and Furf with several girls (who were strippers).  Well we all decided to go down and party with them.  Everyone got wasted.

Then it turned ugly.  Butch heard and came down to chew us out and finally sent us back to our room were he found all of our liquor.  He wasn't too happy about that.  He told us if he seen us back down there we wouldn't play tomorrow.  So we waited about another hour and snuck out to see if they were still out there and were shocked to find Butch, Moe, and Furf still down there.

I will never forget that trip because Furf bought us beer in exchange for us finding him a girl, and I guess everything worked out for Moe and Furf.

By the way, we finished second in the tournament.


I was in Springdale the night of the allegations, I did not witness the purchasing of the so-called beverages, but I did witness Moe, Furf, and Butch at the pool with the hockey players and the hockey players' girlfriends, two of which were strippers and were "dancing" by the pool.  But in their defense, they only stayed at the pool to keep the boys out of trouble. 


Now that me and Moe have viewed and have talked about this it is to our conclusion that the story of Philip Carter is not true, although it was funny and very amusing.

The story is this:

The year of 1997 we did go to Springdale but it was my first trip and Moe’s 2nd for him but when I got there we got to the rooms for the 2 night trip and left Sunday. We played games on and off for a while and the guys did both of us tried to get us to do the unthinkable - getting the beverages but we declined.

Ok from there we traveled with video games and for most of the night we played through the evening till around 11:30 or 12:00 and lock down lights out!! Well It sounds nice but when Saturday night got around there were Hockey players who were there but sorry to say none of us were involved.

Moe says that he doesn’t know what he is talking about and he needs to know his role and shut up.

Ok well Butch caught the guys by the pool and it was Carter and others who were caught by Butch........ Now that some of the story is half/and half the rest of the story. The next morning Butch was up waiting for a team meeting for the day.  At breakfast he was talking about the one night in question also Joe Stoute was there as well. Well Butch was telling the story and at that time all who knew were moe and me were so did Butch he made a joke of the situation.

Well it looks like some were upset on the fact that Moe and me didn’t go out with the others and partake in their stuff. But when they asked me and moe for the beverages we said no chance you will get it from us but other sources……. They got it from some local college guy who was with the hockey players.


I have heard that you probably already gotten some emails about moe and furf's trip to new orleans, but thought i would just throw in my memories.  First of all the trip started out with moe and furf getting separated from the get go. For some reason i can't remember, furf failed to load up as we were leaving for new orleans.

It just so happened that my parents came down a couple of days later and I think it was at quick charlies that they ran into furf, who was looking desperately for a ride to new orleans, because the train had already left.  Somehow or another he hitched a ride with my parents.  I know my dad loved that.  I guess he must have been on his best behavior on the way down, because not much was said about the trip.  Or maybe he wasn't, he didn't ride back with my parents? They may have been influenced by his behavior once he got to new orleans.  Hitting bourbon street, seeing the strip clubs, and most of all the infamous JUNGLE JUICE.

Now every night there was something going on, it wasn't too hard to get a little booze, and moe and furf did not miss out on any fun.  In the same hotel that we were staying in, there happened to be a star trek convention going on, as if moe and furf were not entertainment enough.  Moe and furf being strangers to no one, furthered their connections throughout america by making friends with the treksters and i guess inventing JUNGLE JUICE (ingredients still unknown), whatever the hell kind of drink that is, but that was the name specifically given to it by moe and furf as they came stumbling in after a late night at a star trek convention.

Perhaps there may have been some jungle love involved with  gin and juice and furf just happened to throw the two terms together and produce jungle juice.  I wouldn't put it past that party animal.  Anyways, behavior after that night wasn't too bad.  I think moe and furf were trying to get over their dehydration, with it being so hot down there and all that jungle juice.

Also, furf's behavior may have gotten him kicked out of the brown caravan back to pville. It should not go unmentioned that he did not ride back with the same people he rode down there with.  Sue and Tom may not have seen furf out partying, but they probably could tell by the smell of his breath and redness in his eyes the day after his partying extravaganza, not to mention the rumors that were floating around the hotel.

Apparently on the way down he was just putting up a front that was not the real furf  (a lean mean party machine).  Anyways that is my recollection of moe and furf's big easy adventure.  also i would like furf to explain how to make a jungle juice.  Anyways that is my recollection, I believe for the most part that furf cannot deny anything.  Moe, I believe, was just a bystander who got sucked in by a deceitful buddy into going out and getting drunk. I don't know that for sure, moe may be hiding something from us all too.  We will just have to ask him.


If Moe and Furf can't remember the stripper story, I do have some stories about when Moe and Furf went with us to New Orleans for the Junior Olympics.  We did go to Bourbon Street and when we were down there it was the "Crescent City Con," which is when all the freaks dress in drag and pretend to be vampires and all kinds of other crap.  Believe me, it was interesting.


I'll have to agree with the other stories about New Orleans.  I was there.  Although, Moe is getting a bad rap.  The best I recall Moe & Furf got into it.  Moe was pretty clean.  It was Furf that went to the Trekkies room for the "Jungle Juice".


I was actually driving the equipment truck, so I was not able to personally experience the inspirational speeches given by Moe & Furf on the bus at Atkins. Coaches Wilson and Faulkner related the speeches to me and described the profound impact those speeches had on them. Hopefully they, or one of the players on the bus that fateful night, will supply the entire story some day…..

This is how the event was described to me by the world-famous Larry Wilson; If Coach Wilson says something, it is always exactly as he says, with no exaggeration or drama:

This occurred during the football season of Moe’s senior year in high school. After a hard-fought loss at Atkins, Furf had finally been called out of their gym (it was Homecoming) again by Coach Wilson, and the bus was loaded up and ready to go.

Coach Faulkner made some comments on How PHS had the best managers anywhere and then asked Moe & Furf to give a speech. Furf got up and gave an inspirational monologue, telling the team that he was proud to be a part of the team and Proud to be a Mustang, followed by a rousing cheer from the team…

At first, Moe turned down the chance to address the team, but the chant of


echoed throughout the parking lot, and Moe agreed to talk. Moe stood before the team, and showed the world that he is the master of profound one-liners and doesn’t tiddly-wink around by wasting time with “trick words”. He got right to the point, as always, as he uttered these legendary words: