Furf has a face for every occasion.
He has to.....

Remember, he invented
"The Game of Human Chess"


What can be said about Furf that he hasn't already said himself? The origin on Michael Martin's nickname can be traced back to the PHS gym six or more years ago, most likely by a member of the boys' basketball team. Those who know its significance haven't told anyone else, so it goes into the legend of Furf, perhaps for all time.

The “Self-High-Five,” “Magic Slot,” “Gangster,” fake extra points, total body rubdowns, raps on the head with a metal chair, and the “Extreme Dive” are but a few of the countless innovations that Furf has brought to Perry County.

When you’re in the presence of the “Adona Assasin,” you never know what new element you’re about to experience, so keep a pen and paper ready and the camcorder running…
Furf may be the Mel Gibson of Arkansas. For the past ten years, he's had women waiting to meet him at ball games, and he's even made some contacts with a few of the Arkansas Twisters' cheerleaders. His dance moves at several Atkins homecoming dances are legendary. Mamas, watch your daughters!!!

Furf has served as the voice of the Mustangs on several radio stations throughout Arkansas and has also branched out into the video world as well, filming games for the Mustangs. It's just a matter of time before we'll see his swimsuit calendar come out...
Furf knows how to prepare and get psyched up for a competition, be it a rap or two on the head with a folding chair or a full body rub-down with creamis-genic.

He never has on off-day. He would never "subdue himself to the level of those with no life and no retribution to give." And if he must “meet wood,” he will answer the ten-count. As he has stated on several occasions, “I’m tough as nails.”

We could go on all day about Furf, but he's already done that for us over the years. No one doubts his loyalty to Perryville High School. He always knows what to say, and when he does we'll try to be around as much as we can to try to figure it out.