No one knows what Moe Knows.
Look into his eyes
and see what he sees...
Dewayne Hightower has become a true sports legend recognized everywhere he travels. Dewayne has been known as “Moe” for over ten years, but, until now, very few have known the true origin of his nickname:

Dewayne always hung a towel over his head in the heat of August football practices to keep cool. While everyone else reached for hats or caps, he chose the white towel as his mode of heat repulsion. One day as he walked out, one of the football coaches, who we will call, "Monk," asked him if he was Arab and gave him the name, Mohammed.

As the coaches discussed his new name, it was expanded to Mohammed Rasheed Khomeni Idi Amin Ali Baba. This tended to be a mouthful when trying to get a dry football on the field, so it was shortened to "Mo." Only after six or seven years did anyone know the correct spelling, however, when Dewayne, a man of few words, informed us that it is spelled M-O-E. Fitting that this man of few words has a name ending in a silent "e"
For many years, Moe lead the football Mustangs onto the field waving his famous "Moe Towel."  After many years of towel waving, he was presented a Mustang flag and the Moe-towel was retired from pregame duty. He is the show after every Mustang score.
Moe is the hardest working football game preparations technician of all time. He was the happiest man in Perry County when he saw the equipment cart roll out for the first time. It has come to be known as the Moecart, and he was its conductor until it went out of service.
After a heartbreaking loss to Furf in the 1999 SuperSeries and the 2000 SuperHoops competitions, he avoided a shutout by winning the 2000 SuperCoach title, which was held on the last day of spring practice in 2000. The team was divided and Moe & Furf were the head coaches for each team.

At the end of regulation, the score was tied, so there was only one way to settle it;  SUDDEN DEATH;

Each got one play from the ten with a quarterback. Furf lost the toss and went first, only to watch victory slip just beyond his fingertips. Moe made another one of his patented IM-MOE-CULATE RECPTIONS to take the title.
Moe's secret weapons during the SuperSeries era were barbequed chicken wings and a Bubba's cheeseburger plain. These were the secret food weapons he put down to keep him in his prime form that won him the Super Bowl and MFBA titles in the past.

Moe only knows one way to work: HARD….. He is still highly regarded by football officials for his effective ball handling skills and his hospitality. However, there once was a crew at a Bigelow game who felt the wrath of his seldom used but precisely fired tongue anfter they made a call he thought was "&##@-$^6)"

Furf used to take advantage of him and boss him, along with some occasional verbal abuse. That changed one fateful night on the sidelines when Furf went a little too far and Moe turned around and administered a MOE-POP that will live forever in the minds of the few who were there to witness it.

Ask anyone who's seen Perryville in action or any official or coach he's dealt with; everone knows him and respects the way in which he performs his duties. When he was a senior, the football team wanted him to make a speech on the bus. His speech was as follows; "I'm proud to be a senior." Well. he's not a senior any more, but he'll always be a Mustang.....

Maybe the PHS mascot should be changed to the ...